A Dog called … Monkey

Leaving everything behind and moving to India is the hardest thing I have ever done. It might sound like an adventure to some – moving to India. Country of sunshine, spicy and fragrant food, yoga and the Kama Sutra.

It’s no adventure, not for me. Settling and fitting in is hard work and there are times that I feel lonely and homesick. Days that I wish that the Transporter from Star Trek is reality and I can “beam” myself to my mum’s kitchen for some of her nice home-cooked roast – with a glass of wine of course! Belgium chocolates as desert. Watching a football match with my dad. Listening to classical music with friends while enjoying dinner and afterwards painting town red.

What does one do to fight homesickness? I don’t know what other people would do, but we got a dog!

Via a friend we found a dog shelter – Pets Force– on the outskirts of the city. The volunteers rescue dogs and puppies from Pune and take loving care of them till someone adopts one. It was the hardest decision ever. How to choose from all these cute balls of fur. I wanted to take them all home, but Deepak put his foot down and said NO.

After having endless discussion, we decided on the cutest puppy. Vinod – the founder of the shelter – told us she was called Monkey. The only logical name because of her black nose.

I absolutely loved the name. One look at Deepak told me that he liked the name as well. No need to mention – we never changed the name.

After living in India for a decent year, we have become a family of three with the addition of a little pup called Monkey.

Which one do we take home?
Picking Monkey from the Shelter
All the dogs wanted to come home!
All the dogs wanted to come home!
Posing for a family picture
Posing for a family picture – see how Deepak is smiling?
First walk together, all so exiting
First walk together
Making a puppy-face gets her treats
She learnt quickly that making a puppy-face gets her treats
Monkey's new best friend forever Lucy
Together with BFF Lucy chewing on stick!
Relaxing after a day playing
Relaxing after a day playing

Photocredits to: Michaela (the gem who volunteers at the dog shelter) and Manoj (my precious friend and webpage developer)



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4 responses to “A Dog called … Monkey”

  1. Jan Avatar

    Such a cute dog…do hope she becomes a loving companion for you! Our black labrador Guinness is very much part of our family.

    1. Sarah Vasterling Avatar
      Sarah Vasterling

      She is with us only a short time but is already a part of the family. Not only ours, but everyone living in the same complex!

  2. miep langen Avatar
    miep langen

    Hallo Sarah wat een leuke lieve hond wel handjes vol maar wel erg gezellig in huis groetjes

    1. Sarah Vasterling Avatar
      Sarah Vasterling

      Hi Miep. Het is inderdaad veel werk een hond. Maar we hebben er alletwee zoveel plezier van!

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