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My name is Sarah Vasterling and I was born and raised in The Netherlands.

This is where Deepak and I met, became friends and fell in love. We worked for the same company. One day, Deepak asked if he could borrow my car. Unfortunately, he couldn’t because of a flat tyre on my car. Being a real gentleman that he is, he offered to fix it for me. As a kind gesture in return I offered to take him out for dinner – to an Indian restaurant of course! Looking back this was our first date!

Many dinners, evening walks and date nights later Deepak and I got married in 2013 in India. Yes, it was a BIG fat Indian Wedding (by Dutch standards only)!

Despite being from two different worlds, it turns out we have many things in common. We love our food! The one thing we are not lazy about, is cooking eating our favourite dishes. We love shopping. Well, at least I love shopping; Deepak’s favourite part is to be bribed with food in order to join me on my shopping affair. Another common passion is travelling. The difficult part is finding a location which serves the interests of both of us – Deepak loves the mountains while I love the cities.

My blog is about the things I love – good food, colourful (Indian) fashion and of course about being in an intercultural relationship and so much more.

So grab a cup of masala chai or a plate of vada paav and read on!

You can also follow me on twitter, instagram (Deepak’s pictures mostly) or facebook.

(Do NOT contact me for the following: indecent proposals or matrimonial proposals. If you do so despite the warning not to I will dedicate a post on you!)


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