Lemon Cardamom drink

Cardamom-Lemon drink

We returned to India last week. The journey to reach was a struggle; long delays and lost luggage, but that is a different story all together.

First stop in India was Bangalore to visit some friends. We had a long and delicious lunch before continuing the last bit of our journey to Pune.

I love the Indian food and drinks, and I indulged myself after a long time being away from India. The drinks rocked and this one turned really easy to make. Since I tried it, I make it every morning for my hubby and myself.

It is nice, refreshing and a bit spicy at the same time. And more important, easy to make!

Lemon Cardamom drink
Just a few ingredients needed


– 1 lemon or lime (I used a lime)

– Pinch of cardamom powder

– Sugar to your own liking

– add water

Mix and stir. Enjoy this nice spicy drink (told you it was easy)







2 responses to “Cardamom-Lemon drink”

  1. DT Avatar

    Its a really nice drink. A lot better version than just plain lemon juice water. I bet you don’t have this drink in the west 😉

    1. Sarah Vasterling Avatar
      Sarah Vasterling

      Hi DT,
      I really started loving cardamon and try to toss it into everything now. you’re right before coming to India I never used it in cooking.
      Cheers, Sarah

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