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  • Not 1 but 2 Road trips to Goa

    Not 1 but 2 Road trips to Goa

    My father came to India for Christmas. For a whole 2 weeks. That is 14 Days! Last time that my dad came to India it was for our wedding it was only a meagre 4 days. Just long enough to get our wedding over with. This time I had Deepak convince my dad that India […]

  • April Budget Challenge – Rs1429

    April Budget Challenge – Rs1429

    Last week I read this article in The Times of India dated  July 7, 2014 which mentioned the following: “Those spending over Rs 32 a day in rural areas and Rs 47 in towns and cities should not be considered poor…” Not quite realising what I was reading I finished the article. But what I […]

  • Cricket World Cup Fever

    Cricket World Cup Fever

    India is heating up. And no, it is not only the summer this time. The cricket world cup is what makes our temperatures soar and our heart beat faster. Before moving to India I loved all kinds of sport. Well, watching other people sport actually. My favourites to watch are Tour de France, ice skating, tennis and […]

  • A Dog called … Monkey

    A Dog called … Monkey

    Leaving everything behind and moving to India is the hardest thing I have ever done. It might sound like an adventure to some – moving to India. Country of sunshine, spicy and fragrant food, yoga and the Kama Sutra. It’s no adventure, not for me. Settling and fitting in is hard work and there are times that […]

  • A Desi Guide to: Driving in India

    A Desi Guide to: Driving in India

    Deepak bought a scooty for me. It is my first big step towards becoming independent in India. Going to my favourite restaurants and shops- driving all by myself. The thought of shopping independent of my husbands mood for chauffeuring me around – gives me wings. Indian traffic – especially in Pune – is complete chaos. Nowhere have […]

  • How to survive India

    How to survive India

    When I was planning my first trip to India – about 2 years ago – I had to go to the hospital in the Netherlands to get vaccinated. The nurse gave me a flyer with a general warning what to do and -especially- what not to do in India. I summarised the 4 pages in the steps below: […]

  • A Desi Guide to: the head wobble

    A Desi Guide to: the head wobble

    Deepak and I were waiting at the airport for the next flight to Wellington when we heard a little Indian girl ask her mother a question. The mother answered with the famous head wobble. The little girl pressed her mother to be more precise: “Mum is that a yes or a no?” This exchange between mother and […]

  • Cardamom-Lemon drink

    Cardamom-Lemon drink

    We returned to India last week. The journey to reach was a struggle; long delays and lost luggage, but that is a different story all together. First stop in India was Bangalore to visit some friends. We had a long and delicious lunch before continuing the last bit of our journey to Pune. I love the Indian food […]

  • One day in Prague

    One day in Prague

    On our way to Prague! Finally! Deepak wished to stop all the time to snap pictures of the snowy landscape. This pictured he snapped on the way from Karlovy Vary to Prague when I was still willing to stop for numerous picture moments. After this picture I have had enough. I refused to stop any longer. The conversation […]

  • Our “Big Fat” Indian Wedding

    Our “Big Fat” Indian Wedding

    Our wedding day was an exciting and exhausting day for both of us. I can completely understand why Indians get married only once! The day passed by in a blur. We had so many pictures taken by everyone, and by looking at the pictures it is much easier to recollect the days events. Deepak and […]