Cricket World Cup Fever

Explain the rules once more

India is heating up. And no, it is not only the summer this time. The cricket world cup is what makes our temperatures soar and our heart beat faster.

Before moving to India I loved all kinds of sport. Well, watching other people sport actually. My favourites to watch are Tour de France, ice skating, tennis and football (no particular order). Cheering for the Dutch team of course!

But now living in India I have to admit, the cricket fever gets to me as well. Cricket is an exiting game to watch and it often stays that way till the very end.

Every morning when I walk Monkey (our dog) there is Aditya to walk with me and explain me the latest developments in the world cup. Even though Aditya is only about 10 years old, he is an expert in cricket and answers all my questions patiently. Together we agreed that the ultimate final would be India – New Zealand.

The other night I was watching New Zealand against South Africa. And the Black Caps won! Apparently South Africa has been “cursed” – I don’t have the details – and they are referred to as chokers – they seem to choke in critical matches- and loose eventually

Today is a big day, Australia playing against India and I will be sitting on the edge of my seat  cheering for India.








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