La Cigale, Auckland

We love to indulge every day but especially on Sundays.

Back in The Netherlands we either used to go out for breakfast or bake pancakes at home and indulge. Now we are in Auckland for a short period and wanting to continue our Sunday ritual.e are totally loving the food culture here. The pastries and sweet breads which are available, too good! It is mouth-watering and very bad for any diet (I keep telling myself everything is healthy!)

It makes me realise how much I miss pastries and bread in India.

After a bit of investigation into which was the best place to be on a Sunday morning we decided on going to the French Market, La Cigale. We are hooked ever since and have been going there every Sunday. If the recipe works, don’t change it!

The assortment of pastries available is awesome! No better way to start your day then a good coffee and a croissant. Or two! More is always better according to Deepak.

One croissant for me the rest is Deepak's breakfast.
One croissant for me the rest is Deepak’s breakfast.

Next to selling the normal fruits and vegetables you expect to be sold on a market they also sell cheese. French cheese! Sold by a man speaking with a French accent! Cannot make out whether the accent is real or not… but it makes me buy cheese every time. I am a sucker for this.

The man selling the cheese better be French…

We get to try the cheese, whichever we feel like trying – and make up our mind which one we are going to enjoy at home this week. I always want to have to blue cheese. Deepak does not understand why anyone would eat cheese with mould on it. Strange French people!

And there are more snacks and delights. Unlike in the Netherlands I get to try everything before I decide on buying it. It is a feast going there and trying everything while making up your mind what to actually buy.

And more delights
Other snacks. I managed to try them all.

And there is always something to do for the kids. Deepak did not tell me there were balloon animals this week. I want one!

Next time when we see a balloon artist I am getting a giraffe!

Balloon Animals



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