One day in Prague

On our way to Prague! Finally! Deepak wished to stop all the time to snap pictures of the snowy landscape.

This pictured he snapped on the way from Karlovy Vary to Prague when I was still willing to stop for numerous picture moments.

Way to Prague
Deepak made me pull over to snap a pic

After this picture I have had enough. I refused to stop any longer. The conversation following this, went more or less like this:

“We cannot stop for every single tree covered in snow. ”

“But it looks all so beautiful, and the sun is just right.”

“I am hungry and we are going to Prague! You can take pictures from the car!”

Resulting in pictures as the one below, with bits of the car on the picture. It adds to the charm of the picture, I think.

Fed up with taking pics
Learning new tricks: taking pictures while driving

We made it to Prague by evening and I was starving. And cranky. Always when I am hungry I get cranky and the Deepak get’s blamed for everything which is wrong in the world. In this case  for not being able to find a parking spot (not really his mistake) near the office where we had to collect the key for our apartment.

And a random cabdriver also came across my wrath. He dared to drive so close by my car almost scratching it, while yelling something at me in Czech about parking in the middle of the road. Where else was I supposed to park?!? There was NO space and my car would be there only 5 minutes!

Surprisingly, my Czech was not completely forgotten. I could still reply to him to continue driving or “I would eat him”

After collecting our key we went our apartment, where we got the pleasant surprise that it was right in the city center.

Right on the doorstep of our apartment was a Christmas market. Which meant FOOD! And drinks, but more important food!

All the gorgeous smells lifted my mood instantly.

Prague Panorama
Look at this amazing view

There was a grilled pig! It was crispy from the outside and moist from the inside. But I was so so hungry, I would eat baked beans and tell you it was the most delicious thing I ever tasted.

I could eat a pig, whole

There was even something for my husband! Czech are real meat-lovers. Finding vegetarian food is a task on it’s own. Normally you end up eating side dishes or deserts. Deepak did not complain at all about being forced to eat deserts for most of the weekend. He loved the Trdelni’k. No this is not a spelling error, but the real name for this pastry! The dough is rolled on a wooden stick and then roasted above an open fire. Then rolled in sugar and cinnamon. The taste is awesome!


Deepak had to pull me away from the food. We were not in Prague to only indulge in food. We were on a mission to see history and culture.

We saw the Gunpowder tower.

Gunpowder tower























The Wenceslas Square

Wenceslas Square

I get distracted by another Christmas market on the square.

More Christmas market

And tempted to buy one of these Matroska dolls. I strongly believe everyone should have a Matroska doll at home, you’re house in not complete without at least one. Deepak dragged me away from the stall, knowing that I already have a Matroska doll and having 2 of them makes the house crowded. That is why I love my husband so much. Whenever I get excited about any souvenir, he keeps his cool and tries talking some sense in me.

We left without the dolls. Maybe next time!



We crossed the Charles Bridge, many times. My sense of directions is disastrous and I was the one leading the way.

Charles Bridge


The astronomical clock.

Astronomical Clock























And the Prague Castle

Prague Castle


And I found a grumpy guard who more or less “volunteered” to go on the picture with me.

Found myself a guard


And St. Vitus Cathedral

St. Vitus Cathedral























This is the view which will keep us coming back!

Panorama on Prague






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  1. DT Avatar

    One of the most beautiful and prettiest places I have visited. Beautiful pictures too!

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