• Our “Big Fat” Indian Wedding

    Our “Big Fat” Indian Wedding

    Our wedding day was an exciting and exhausting day for both of us. I can completely understand why Indians get married only once! The day passed by in a blur. We had so many pictures taken by everyone, and by looking at the pictures it is much easier to recollect the days events. Deepak and […]

  • A Desi Guide to: Haggling (in India)

    A Desi Guide to: Haggling (in India)

    India is quite a heaven when it comes to shopping. You can find almost anything and everything if you know the right places to go to. Local markets are the Valhalla for haggling but if you’re an expert you can give a try in the bigger malls and stores as well. You can negotiate on […]

  • Himachal holiday with my in-laws

    Himachal holiday with my in-laws

    I wanted to see mountains. In India! Deepak kept going on and on during our Euro trips that I had never seen real mountains before.  Just to be sure – I Googled and the Alps are real mountains. Unfortunately, we have not been there together (yet). Next time we go to Europe I will drag […]

  • Te Papa, Wellington

    Te Papa, Wellington

    We had to go to Wellington for the weekend. We just HAD to go. So after sitting on Deepak’s head for weeks he finally capitulated and we went. The weather decided to change, completely unannounced! The whole week the weather was all sunny and spring like. We left from Auckland, it was raining. We arrived in […]

  • La Cigale, Auckland

    La Cigale, Auckland

    We love to indulge every day but especially on Sundays. Back in The Netherlands we either used to go out for breakfast or bake pancakes at home and indulge. Now we are in Auckland for a short period and wanting to continue our Sunday ritual.e are totally loving the food culture here. The pastries and sweet […]

  • Bohemian Snow

    Bohemian Snow

    It was almost Christmas and still no snow in the Netherlands. I started to feel slightly restless; somehow snow and Christmas are connected in my brain. One cannot go without the other. Over lunch in the office I started complaining to Deepak how everything is so un-Christmas-y in the Netherlands and how much better it […]