Not 1 but 2 Road trips to Goa

Road trip to Goa

My father came to India for Christmas. For a whole 2 weeks. That is 14 Days!

Last time that my dad came to India it was for our wedding it was only a meagre 4 days. Just long enough to get our wedding over with.

This time I had Deepak convince my dad that India is actually a beautiful country. Our main argument was that India changed a lot since my dad has been here last. Last is not the 4 days in 2013, those days we don’t even count. My dad has been many times to India as a sailor when he was young(er). He absolutely disliked the heat and dust. And his mantra still is – everything is sacred in India – to which I have to agree partly.

We had a nice time driving to Goa and my dad shared tons of stories about his first India experience some 30 years back – from way back before I was born.

He told us about the time that he was with his ship in the Mumbai harbour. Rats were entering the ship via the ropes used to tie the ship to the dock. The crew of the ship used rat poison to get rid of the rats. Once the authorities found out that the crew was doing this, at once the loading of the ship was stopped. Until the rat poison was removed. Ending the story with his mantra.

Or the another story about a fortune teller, who told my dad that he would have only 1 daughter and come back to India often in the future. At that time my father laughed it off. But looking back the good man was right. And next time my dad will come three weeks – there I said it – no more coming back on that promise!

The drive to Goa was long, very long – about 10 hours – with many stops. I cannot help that I like to drink coffee while sitting in a car. When I drink coffee my bladder suddenly becomes the size of a peanut.

But the road was good and my dad enjoyed which is most important.

Taking a dip

This is me sulking after Deepak told me I was not allowed to take a swim in the water.

He usually tells me something like: “You want to get sick?” which is when I make this sulking face as an answer.


The whole way we were kinda stuck behind these trucks loaded with sugar cane. When I say loaded – I mean LOADED. It is easy, when you think the truck is full, just put some stakes on the side – and voilà – you can load it a bit more. That the average speed will only be 10km/ hr is no problem, it gives the cars behind you more time to enjoy the scenery.

Sugar cane truck - overloaded

Cheering my dad on from the side. The water was to cold for me to even consider dipping my toes in.

getting in the water

My father is a brave sailor – the only one brave enough to go in the ocean for a swim.

Swimming in the ocean

You belong here. Does it mean you never move from there?

You belong here!

When we strolled along the beach Deepak noticed this and made me run after them with the camera. Nothing wrong with Deepak’s eyes for sure.

Special rearview

Let me zoom a bit (wink wink)

Wink Wink

On the second trip my mother and I actually went in the ocean. All dresses up and ready to go…for a swim.

MIL and I taking a dip in the ocean

Now I know why I had to learn how to swim with my clothes on.

post swimming

The Goan bulls get bathed in Ocean as well.

Even cows like the ocean

My father in law insisted to visit a temple.

Mum & Dad at the templeSmile!

At the temple I noticed some mango trees. Since there are no dragons to be slain any more, Deepak has to show his love for me in another way.

I absolutely love manog’s and nothing shows your wife you love her as climbing a tree to pick some fresh mango’s.

So here he is, climbing the three to pick some fresh mango for me. He even poses for a picture.

MIL was shouting in the background that he should get out of the tree NOW!

Boatride for MIL

Being in Goa was my opportunity to visit a church. After visiting so many temples in India I dragged my in-laws to the St Francis church of Assisi.


Goa is not Goa without a boat ride. This is how my Mother in Law looks when something is danger, danger.


In India many things go different, even pushing this boat in the water!


“Was it fun?”

MIL “No, Danger danger!!”

At least FIL had fun.

Danger danger








2 responses to “Not 1 but 2 Road trips to Goa”

  1. Nathalie Avatar

    Heeeeeeeeeeeeeej Chika!!!!
    Zo herkenbaar ook…. hahahaha… heerlijk!!!!!
    Die foto’s ook… hahah… TOP
    Meis, geniet van alles en iedereen om je heen en als jullie van de zomer in NL zijn gaan Ber en ik jullie zeker meeten!!!!!

    1. Sarah Vasterling Avatar
      Sarah Vasterling

      Heeey Beauty,

      goed om iets van je te horen. Is veel te lang geleden. Ben de dagen al aan het aftellen!
      Kijk er al naar uit om Ber te ontmoeten!

      Liefs, Sarah

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