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  • A Desi Guide to: the head wobble

    A Desi Guide to: the head wobble

    Deepak and I were waiting at the airport for the next flight to Wellington when we heard a little Indian girl ask her mother a question. The mother answered with the famous head wobble. The little girl pressed her mother to be more precise: “Mum is that a yes or a no?” This exchange between mother and…

  • One day in Prague

    One day in Prague

    On our way to Prague! Finally! Deepak wished to stop all the time to snap pictures of the snowy landscape. This pictured he snapped on the way from Karlovy Vary to Prague when I was still willing to stop for numerous picture moments. After this picture I have had enough. I refused to stop any longer. The conversation…

  • A Desi Guide to: Haggling (in India)

    A Desi Guide to: Haggling (in India)

    India is quite a heaven when it comes to shopping. You can find almost anything and everything if you know the right places to go to. Local markets are the Valhalla for haggling but if you’re an expert you can give a try in the bigger malls and stores as well. You can negotiate on…