Te Papa, Wellington

We had to go to Wellington for the weekend. We just HAD to go. So after sitting on Deepak’s head for weeks he finally capitulated and we went.

The weather decided to change, completely unannounced! The whole week the weather was all sunny and spring like.

We left from Auckland, it was raining. We arrived in Wellington, it was STILL raining. No city is nice when it is raining – period!

Forced to change our plan for the day completely we checked what nice activities were close to our hotel. A quick glance on the map showed us that the museum Te Papa was not too. We took on the elements and went there.

The museum is free! WOW! We were both really surprised about that. The exhibitions the museum was really nice. We spent the whole day roaming around and exploring about New Zealand’s history.

We started our tour through the museum with gawking at the skeleton of the blue whale. It is supposedly a small one, only 20 meters. Supposedly they can grow up to 36 meters! Deepak stitched the pictures. No matter how much we tried it didn’t come out any better than this, but you can see it’s big.

Blue whale skeleton

Part of the collection were all kind of animals which are all part of the national ecosystem of New-Zealand.  It was good to see what species all wander around New Zealand forests and oceans – still so much better to see them in their natural habitat.

Creatures of the deep blue sea

The Maori history displayed was the most interesting. Te Marae means meeting place – that is what this is. We were not allowed to take pictures from the inside. Believe me – it was beautiful. I could easily spend all day lying on my back looking at the ceiling. It was so beautiful and peaceful.

Mauri 'Marae'

No museum without a section for modern art. And the option to take a selfie. We could not  let the moment pass to take a picture of us together.

Modern art: Make a selfie

No matter from which angle we looked at this, it just did not make sense at all. It where just a bunch of lights and empty bottles. I felt the urge to bring some order in it. Bottles on one side, lights on the other and then sorted by colour. My hands were itching to get to work.

Deepak had to drag me out of the room.

Modern Art
I really felt the urge to clean. Next time I will…

After all this we deserved coffee and a little snack – which we ate before I could take a pic. I have to be faster next time.

Tea Time







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